Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Thumbs Up!

I just wanted to give a big thumbs up to all the people who came an visited my initial blog!  I officially have two followers!  Publishing my own blog has been something I've wanted to do for a quite some time but my lack of know how, coupled with the idea that I didn't really think people would be interested in my art left me finding ways to keep it low on my priority list.  But it's out there going back...gotta keep it going.

I'm going to try to keep the focus of my blog on my art, but also have the occasional need to write as well so you may find the odd chapter of a story that may never be written.  I'm more of a conceptionalist as opposed to a...completist?

I think the biggest reason I have trouble completing things is that my imagination far exceeds my abilities (and my patience).  It's the reason I'm seldom satisfied in restaurants.  As I sit there, the hunger part of my brain goes crazy with unreasonable idea that the waiter or waitress is going to come back with the best meal the cook has ever made...but really she brings me the meal he or she has made a million times before trying desperately to make it taste exactly the same way every time because the average person expects consistency.  I think it's something everyone struggles with, but they all deal with it in two ways.  Either you blame yourself for having too high of expectations, or others for not meeting your high expectations. It's not the waiters fault, it's not the cooks fault, it's my fault because I let my imagination get the best of me.  I need to better manage my expectations.

This was a sketch, that I scanned and edited on photoshop with my very limited knowledge of the program.  I now have illustrator as well and edit using that program, but am still limited by my lack of ability to properly use all the functions.

As I mentioned in my 'Jenny' post, I have some experience in painting miniatures.  Jenny was probably 5x bigger than what I'm used to painting which added all new obstacles I was not anticipating, like having to create your own textures and layers.  I'm a hands on learner though so while I may get frustrated at making the mistake at the time, I love finding ways to make it work and am exstatic when it finally works.

So again I just wanted to say thanks for coming out to my inaugural post, and give you a heads up as to what to expect in the future...just don't set your expectations too high and we'll do just fine ;)


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