Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hell's Bell

Hell's Bell

Who couldn't use Hell's Bell?  Call your friends to a cannibal feast, or be the official timekeeper in a game of Russian Roulette.  A million uses for Hell's Bell...and all it will cost you is your soul!

I'm not crazy about this piece and I think the reason is that I mutated it too much.  With the first couple it was subtle changes to the piece and alot of art.  I think I should have stopped with the tail and hands and not done the skin peeling back around the face here.  Meh, you're your own worst critic.  Clowns are creepy as it is, making them MORE creepy is fun.
Now that I'm starting to gain a 'collection', I find myself wondering what I'm going to do with them.  I thought it would be really funny to try and re-donate them, but then you don't get to see people's reactions when they open the box.  Maybe I could smuggle them back into a thrift store and just place them back on the shelves then try to blend in like a shopper and watch as people come across can't get in trouble for reverse shop-lifting can you?  Shop-dropping?  Plus if my plan failed miserably I'd probably have to pay for my own property to get them back out of the store.  I couldn't just abandon them...I've put too much of myself into each piece.  I'd like to sell them, but have no idea of their worth.  Each one has hours of work put into them, and are guaranteed one of a kinds.  Maybe I'll get a booth at one of those festivals in the summer and try to solicit my wares.
Lots to ponder.  Enjoy!