Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sibling Rivalry

I know what you are all thinking.  We've had brunettes, blondes, black haired mutants...what we really need, is some gingers!

These are my new bookends..well they will be once I figure out how to properly attach them to their base.  I do love them though...gonnna have a hard time when it comes to selling them.

This one goes out to my ginger army: Rob, Ross, Mike and even miss G.R. if she'll join me!

hope you enjoy!

Sunday, 15 April 2012


'Yes dear?'  Mommy asked not looking up from her morning sudoku puzzle.
'There's a velociraptor in my room.'
'Oh Molly, you have such an imagination.'
'It's not imagination mommy, he scratched me.  Look.'
'Molly what have I told you about telling st-OH MY GOD!'

Ok, so first off you have Lori O'Neil to thank for getting this mutation done today. Instead of allowing me to feel all crappy about my illness this morning she reminded me that art waits for no man...or as she put it 'Suck it up champ. Art to be created, kitsch to be mutated.' So I loaded up on cold meds and trudged on through and this is the result.

This is the second time I bought this piece.  The first time was when I first started, but my daughter wanted to make one while I was creating 'Jenny' so I let her have this one.  She turned it into a really cool anime type character.  She's since lost the piece, I've been bugging her to find it all do so that I could post it...will update when it's found.

That piece was in far better condition than this one.  I think someone had this in their window for a long time as the paint was all faded.

I did however, find out that the title of this original piece is called 'Sunsweet' but could not find a manufacturer.  I only found one selling on ebay for about $2.50.  Oh and yes, it's another bell...what is it with turning these things into bells?  How many bells does one need?

I would also like to draw your attention to her feet.  I laughed when I first noticed them.  They are terribly dispropotionate.  If this was to scale I'm pretty sure this young lady would have men's size 13 feet.

So I couldn't come up with a title for this one as my mind is somewhat clouded with cold meds.  I'm putting out an open challenge for suggestions as to what to call my new mutation.  You may do so here in the comments section, or here:!/PreciousMutations on the precious mutations fb page.  I'm afraid there is no prize for the winner just yet, but I'm looking into having stickers made up.  From there I would like to start printing shirts and the like as well...but all in due time.

Thanks to all who visit, participate and support.  A bigger thanks to my family who allow me the time to mutate, especially to my wife for not running for the hills with my children when she see's what I've done.

Enjoy, >K

So after the submissions my two faves were 'Self-Indulgent' and Outtestines'.  I couldn't decide so I flipped a coin and 'Outtestines' it is!  Congrats Phil! (Sorry Alexis).

PS > this is my daughters 'manga' version of what she did to what was to be the original Outtestines:

Friday, 13 April 2012

Croaking opened my third eye

You can no longer use it to hold your scrub brush...but I still think it looks much cooler and far more loved now than it did before.

This is my first real attempt at painting detailed eyes.  I've learned a few things, don't think I've mastered it yet...but I didn't botch it to the point where I needed to smash it against a wall either.

I modeled the design after a poison dart frog.  The only problem was that that particular poison dart frog had black eyes...which I didn't think would be that exciting.  So I used ordinary frogs eyes instead.

I also used a new gloss as I was attempting to make him look damp.  I'm going to need some practice with said gloss...

Hope you enjoy!


Sunday, 8 April 2012

SIlly Puppy

I'm pretty sure this is the same baby that's now riding the bomb.  I don't mean to pick on this poor child in particular...but the artist (who doesn't put his/her name on any of their pieces) just makes it so easy!

Every step of this particular piece had me second guessing my abilities.  I was terrified I was going to ruin it and that this idea would never come into fruition.  I had to make the facehugger twice, as the first time it wasn't flexibly enough and fell apart as I tried to attatch it.  The second one I attatched the pieces as I built them, but that left we with some difficult angles to get my paintbrush through so the paint job (particularly on the suction part) is a bit off.  Also because of the 'green stuff' I use i was concerned that the paint wouldn't sufficiently cover, but it all came together in the end and to be honest I think this has usurped 'Pre-Emptive Strike' as my new all time favorite mutation.

Hope you enjoy, don't tell Ridley....


Tuesday, 3 April 2012


"Attention sheep...return to your domicile immediately.  You have thirty seconds to comply....twenty nine....twenty eight..."

Unlike the last one the arm was already broken when I bought this one.  I knew right away that this was where this piece was going.

On this piece I've discovered that  It's cover up qualities are terrible.  It requires copious amounts of coats and still doesn't come out consistant.  I now know I need a base coat of some other colour before using yellow.

Aaaaand for fan's of Hell's Bell...this one is ALSO a bell!

Thanks again for all your support.