Sunday, 8 April 2012

SIlly Puppy

I'm pretty sure this is the same baby that's now riding the bomb.  I don't mean to pick on this poor child in particular...but the artist (who doesn't put his/her name on any of their pieces) just makes it so easy!

Every step of this particular piece had me second guessing my abilities.  I was terrified I was going to ruin it and that this idea would never come into fruition.  I had to make the facehugger twice, as the first time it wasn't flexibly enough and fell apart as I tried to attatch it.  The second one I attatched the pieces as I built them, but that left we with some difficult angles to get my paintbrush through so the paint job (particularly on the suction part) is a bit off.  Also because of the 'green stuff' I use i was concerned that the paint wouldn't sufficiently cover, but it all came together in the end and to be honest I think this has usurped 'Pre-Emptive Strike' as my new all time favorite mutation.

Hope you enjoy, don't tell Ridley....



  1. Ugh that is horrifying! Nice work!! I love how you left her looking so innocent, I think it just makes the whole piece scarier!

  2. thanks! I wanted to show the innocence of being a child. How you don't understand how something can be evil when you're that age, as though it was simply playing with her.

  3. That's awesome dude!!I think she likes it!!!

    1. Thanks Rob, and everyone. Feedback has been very positive on this piece. I appreciate all the kind words!