Friday, 13 April 2012

Croaking opened my third eye

You can no longer use it to hold your scrub brush...but I still think it looks much cooler and far more loved now than it did before.

This is my first real attempt at painting detailed eyes.  I've learned a few things, don't think I've mastered it yet...but I didn't botch it to the point where I needed to smash it against a wall either.

I modeled the design after a poison dart frog.  The only problem was that that particular poison dart frog had black eyes...which I didn't think would be that exciting.  So I used ordinary frogs eyes instead.

I also used a new gloss as I was attempting to make him look damp.  I'm going to need some practice with said gloss...

Hope you enjoy!



  1. Hypnotoad now has more hypno ability!

  2. A lot of detailed paint-work on the back.....well done.

  3. AAAR Billy has you seen my glass eye?