Sunday, 12 February 2012


Jenny missed going out to play.  She missed the sunshine, the squirrels and her friend Peter.  A few days ago her parents had told her that she wasn't allowed to go outside anymore and plunked themselves down in front of the television.  They'd been watching the news constantly, and wouldn't let her have a turn to watch cartoons.  They just kept watching the news as people cried and screamed and fires burned.  When she tried to watch with them they would shoo her from the room, telling her everything was going to be ok and to go play with her toys, but she was sick of her toys.  She wanted to play with Peter, the boy from down the street.  When she asked they told her it was too dangerous to go outside and went back to watching the news.  Jenny was bored, she wanted to go outside, would they even notice if she went out just for a few hours?  She could probably go and be back before they even noticed.  She tiptoed to the back door, quietly unslid the chain lock and slipped outside.

She was right, her parents didn't know she had gone until nightfall...

This is a statue that I've primed and repainted.  I was inspired by an artist from Brampton by the name of David Irvine.  You can see his work at  It's fantastic, stop reading my crap and look at it right now, then come back!

Alright welcome back...David had the brilliant idea of cruising thrift shops, yard sales and the like for old pieces of art that people have decided they don't love anymore.  Then in the style of those pieces he adds his own spin on it.  My personal favorite is 'Partners in Crime'.  David's only rule is that he doesn't cover the original artists signature.

David inspired me to head out to my own local thrift shops in hopes that I would stumble across something to stir up my own creative juices.  I came to the display cabinet of ceramic figures and got to thinking about all the warhammer paints I had kicking around.  I collected quite a few of the warhammer pieces but something was always missing from painting them.  I tried changing the colours around from the 'suggested' coding, but it still felt like cheating.  Nor could I bring myself to spending my weekends in crowded game shops getting my geek on with kids half my age laughing at my inability to counter a simple dwarf regiment.  So I ended up with a tupperware container full of paints with lovely names like 'rotting flesh' and 'bubonic brown'.

The ceramic figurines began to change before my eyes, in Jenny's case it was the akwardness of her stance.  Others stared back at me with pale, unpainted faces with souless eyes (as you will see in future posts).  These things are creepy...they just need to have that creepiness exposed!

So home they came with me, a small collection to start with and see how it goes.  I've used some model clay to add a few details, primed them up and added my own paint job.  Jenny is my first.  I'm sure they'll get better as I go.  I'm pretty happy with my first attempt though.


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