Saturday, 18 February 2012

All For You...

"It's not fair, Thomas!"
"I know Marg, I know...but you heard the doctor.  It's just not meant to be for us."  Thomas reached across the table and squeezed his wifes hand.  With the other she wiped tears away from her puffy red eyes.
"I would give anything Thomas, anything for a baby."
A shadow cast itself over the table, the couple looked up to find a sharp dressed man smiling down at them.  His sudden presence seemed intrusive and yet they felt captivative, time seemed to hang heavy in the air as they waited to hear what if anything he had to say.
"Excuse me,"  He said in a deep voice.  "I couldn't help but overhearing your situation.  Perhaps I can help."

Perhaps it's too early in my mutating career for something like this, but this piece was screaming to be altered from the moment I picked it up.  It's wonderfully done, I really didn't have to do much to created depth and shading as it was already in the piece but it lacked soul.  If you look at the original the eyes and the expressions of the new parents was so eerily lifeless and unemotional I couldn't NOT alter it in this way.

The hardest part of this piece was the goats head.  I was using a substance very similar to mighty putty, but it became very tacky as it dried and when it warmed up it didn't stay the way you wanted it to by the time it settled which is why it lacks some detail.  I've since purchased a different type of air drying clay for future projects.

I do LOVE the childs pajamas.  The original had a design of one circle surrounded by 5 smaller circles on them.  I'm not sure if this has some religious significance, but it did make creating the mini pentagrams alot easier and the end result makes me laugh because I can't help but imagine some devil worshipers walking through Babys-R-Us and picking these up saying 'Oh, these are cute!'.

I was so excited to post this piece that I haven't glazed it, and the pics were taken quite quickly so they may change in the next few days.  I'm still working on my photo skills and some of the feedback from my last piece was that my backdrop for Jenny was lacking a little sumpin' sumpin' so I tried to spice it up a bit.

I look forward to and appreciate feedback, although try to keep the hate mail to a minimum. I'm NOT a satanist.


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