Thursday, 30 August 2012

That trick never works...

Now Mr. Bun-Buns, if we're going to win that talent contest tomorrow then we have to come up with a magic trick that the people will never forget.  It has to be amazing!  It has to be stupendous!  It has to be jaw-dropping!  It has to make people remember the name 'Morag the Magnificent' forever and ever.  Hmmmm, I've got it Mr. Bun-Buns!

Morag the Magnificent did not win the talent contest...but nobody ever forgot her name.

I've only every known of two people with the name Morag.  One was the wife of Steve Smith (Red Green) and I remember this from their Smith & Smith comedy show.  The other was the witch from the Ewoks cartoon.  I thought she was one of the Duloks, but as I look it up she was not one of them.  Either way the name stuck with me and has always been one of my favorite female names simply for its repulsiveness and harsh pronunciation.

Why are these figurines always standing in tall grass?


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