Saturday, 11 August 2012


Damn.  I know her.  They don't prepare you for this in all the zombie guides and movies.  They talk about when your family gets sick, or your spouse.  Sure it sucks having to put a bullet in your best friends head but then you feel like you've set them free, free from this world of pain and suffering.  What's really wearing me down is the constant stream of everyday people I took for granted reminding me one kill at a time that my life is never going to go back to the routine I had grown so accustomed to.  The guy who pumps your gas, the librarian, the guy who walked his weiner dog past my house every day.
Take her for example.  She worked at the bakery around the corner with her husband for years.  When I was a kid she would yell at me for taking too many free samples and yet there was always an extra cookie or sweet in the bag when me and mom got back home.
They were European I think, I can still hear her husbands accent.  He called her 'Genie', must've been short for Eugina or something.  My friend used to say that if he ever rubbed a bottle and she came out, his first wish would be for her to get back into the bottle...he was an ass.
Someone's taken a few shots at her, terrible aim though.  Hope they got away.  I won't miss.  I've been through this enough times to know it's me or her.  Rest in peace Genie.

This piece has driven me to the brink.  I restarted the paint colours 3 times because I couldn't quite get it to match the way I wanted it to.  This is why it's been what...six weeks since my last mutation?  Alas she is done.  However, when I went to spray her with the varnish it reacted terribly with the paint.  We were not I wandered the house wondering which wall would be best to smash my head against (not in a yelling angry guy sort of way just mad in my head) my daughter came up and gave me this:
Thanks universe.  Went back and saw that the effect of the varnish actually enhanced the piece.  Now I don't mind it as much.

Hope you guys dig it too.



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