Saturday, 17 March 2012

PM Plunders Midland & Penetang!

     A lovely trip up to my mothers place allowed me to clear my mutating mind and plunder a number of new (to me) thrift shops.  Along the way I came across the first garage sale of the year and managed to scoop up two more pieces.  When I asked how much he told me a buck each.  I told him I'd give him $2 for the pair and not a penny more.  He stared at me blankly.  I've been getting that alot lately....
     When we got back to my mothers there was a 'cotents sale' ad in the local paper so we made a trip out the following morning and came home with the last two pieces shown here.  He seems to be some sort of half man, half grasshopper creature.  I'm going to have to think long and hard before mutating this one!  The woman who sold these to me tried to convince me that despite the fact they are only stamped with 'Japan' on the bottom does not mean they're not worth anything....really?  Look at them, do they look like high end pieces to you?
     As an update on pieces in the works...I'm finally going to get some time to work on them this weekend, but one I have to start over I think so they may still be a few days away.
      Precious Mutations now has it's own facebook page as well, please come by and 'like' the page to get instant updates whenever I upload a new you can get all your Precious Mutations needs without having to explain why you're friends with me!

      Back to the old electronic priming board...


  1. PS, my mother picked up and donated half of these pieces before I even got there! You know your mother is awesome when she encourages you to mutate...

  2. Thank-you, son, you are also awesome. Looking at it here, that last grasshopper guy has quite the 'pose', doesn't he?

  3. it's true! but you may want to log me out of your computer so it doesn't look like I'm having conversations with myself and referring to myself as my own parent...