Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Greetings Mutanteers

Happy 1000 views!  I was hoping that a new piece would have inspired more visitors to break the 1000 mark  but my carpentry teacher has had me at my wits end (...two more days...two more days...two more days).

It is KILLING me to have to sit and do homework while pieces sit half finished mere feet away.  Plus my agitated state has my mind running in circles and my patience at an all time low.  Even when I get a few minutes to mutate I rush and make stupid mistakes or create something I'm completely unsatisfied with.  I basically had to remove a bunch of glue and clay and start one piece all over again.  The other half finished one I'm still not sure what I'm doing with it yet.

I'm making a promise to you all that I WILL have a piece done this weekend.

Thanks again for all your patience and to each and everyone of you that contributed to the 1000 views my blog has received in slightly under one month.


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