Saturday, 8 December 2012


The inspiration for this piece came back in the summer while on a walk with my kidlets.  We walked past a backyard with a pileup of kids on a trampoline.  Each one of the kids had some form of mobile device and despite the fact that they were all so close that they were making physical contact in one way or another they were communicating via said devices.  I made the kids stop and watch as they giggled and snorted,  and commented on each others comments they made.  I advised the children that this is the epitome of everything I don't want them to do when they grow up.  We stood there for a good few minutes and when we left they had still not noticed we had been there, as they were so engrossed in their cyber world.

I was looking to find a holiday piece to mutate, and stumbled across this one in a Salvation Army Thrift Store on my way home from work one evening.  I knew I could do something with the piece, but couldn't decide what so I put it back.  Of course, as soon as I was halfway home it dawned on me what was needed.  I fretted the rest of the evening and the following day that when I returned the piece would be gone.  (It's happened before).  It was still there upon my return thank goodness.

Anyway, I present to you 'HBD Baby JC', my take on what Christmas means in 2012.  Alternate titles for this piece included: WiFi in this manger sucks, and Baby Jesus invites you to play Farmville!'.

Happy Holidays, no matter how you it safely and responsibly.


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