Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Collector

I was out hiking the other day, when there upon the path before me shined a shiny demon (who will get this reference?).  As I approached he snorted and huffed, shifting his weight back and forth and looking otherwise unsettled.  I approached slowly, cautiously.
'Are you here for me?  Are you here to offer me my wishes in exchange for my soul?'  I asked.
'Ha!'  It chortled and snorted.  'We've seen your work Mr. Busher, we don't need to offer you anything for your's already well on it's way.'

Lucky lucky boys and girls!  Two mutations in one week!

I'm now on twitter...if you follow me I promise I won't bother you with things like EVERY MEAL I eat or pictures of my cats, but you will be informed whenever a new mutation comes out!  I can also be found on, flickr, and my facebook page ( ).

Also, you only have short time to submit a Hallowe'en art/craft/poem etc. here: to be entered into a draw to win one of the three following prizes!  An original piece of art from the genius mind behind Mr. David Irvine, A monster plush hand made by Ms. Kerri Mercer (her fb art page: OR my previous Precious Mutation 'What To Expect When You're Resurrecting'.

Happy Hallowe'en, oh and enjoy Devil's Night!

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