Thursday, 28 June 2012

Gaston's Last Trick

People would come from miles around, spend their hard earned pay to see Gaston's Blue Angels.  They were the things of legend.  Some say that man's anus was a portal to some other beautiful dimension.  Perhaps it was a sudden change of wind direction that night, perhaps he should never have tried the unheralded two-canner, perhaps it was some jilted ex-lover who juiced his fire with extra excellerant...whatever it was, that man died bringing joy and laughter to the world...and that's okay by me.

Every now and again the universe throws you and easy one.  It was pretty easy to tell what was going to happen to poor Gaston here.  I didn't want to be crude though, not really my style.  I think I got my point across without going overboard.

I posted on my precious mutations facebook accound taht I've been channeling 'Sol the Clown' during the mutation of Gaston.  Sol the Clown was a clown on TVO (TV Ontario) during the 1980's that both bewildered and fascinated me as a child.  He would come on the television and attempt to teach the basics of french linguistics.  His facial expressions, his voice, even the opening music would have me enthralled from beginning to end...and yet I never learned a lick of french from him.  Still one of my earliest and most vivid memories as a child though.  Him and the creepy creatures from Read-a-Long...shudder.  Perhaps this is where I developed my twisted takes on things.

Original sculpture:  Happy Hobo, made in Taiwan by Jasco.


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